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 Démystifions la SI Scholar !

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Loup de guerre

Messages : 1646
Date d'inscription : 12/10/2014
Age : 40
Localisation : Tours

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Ecole: Emei
Talent: Polyvalence
Métier: Tailleur / Artisant

MessageSujet: Démystifions la SI Scholar !   Mar 11 Aoû - 16:32

Alors hop !
Un lien vers un site français pour les astuces, aller.. n'ayons pas peur des mots, la solution de la SI cours des Arts !

Alors l'astuce c'est de monter vite vite les points en tuant les mobs au début. Il ne faut pas oublier un seul mob.
En SI hard les points pleuvent, donc pas de problème !

Cette solution est bien car elle est en français.
Par contre la solution sur le boss des vins n'est pas complète toutes les réponses n'y sont pas.

Solution anglaise :

Alors un petit résumé de toutes les solutions, mais en anglais :

1. Silently, I walk up the west tower; the lonely trees stand quietly under the soft beam of the crescent moon; the vast garden seems to have locked up all the bleakness of autumn.

Answer: B: Wudang

2. Enjoy life when there is prosperity. Never tip a gold cup to the moon when it is empty.

Answer: C: Heaven has given me a gift and it’s my turn. All my fortune is squandered; but it will return.

3. The man of Zhao with unadorned Hu tassel; he has a Wugou scimitar, bright like frost and snow. His white steed with a silver saddle; gallops swiftly like a shooting star.

Answer: A: He kills one man in ten steps; leaving no trace within a thousand miles. Flicks the robes after the deed is done, Leaves face and name unknown.

4. When will there be no more moon and spring flowers; For me who had so many memorable hours? My attic which last night in vernal wind did stand; Reminds cruelly of the lost moonlit land.

Answer: A: Carved balustrades and marble steps must still be there; but rosy faces cannot be as fair. If you ask me how much my sorrow has increased; see the rushing river flowing east!

5. For ten years here I wander, and there you lie. I seldom think about you, yet how could I forget you! With your grave a thousand miles away, where can I confide my loneliness?

Answer: D: Even if we met, could you recognize me, with dust all over my face, and hair like frost?

6. When I was little, I thought the moon was a white jade plate. Or maybe a mirror in Heaven flying through the white clouds.

Answer: D: First came the two legs of the fairy and the cassia tree. But for whom the rabbit kept on pounding medical herbs? I could not guess.

7. When did the bright moon first appear? One raises his goblet, and asks the blue sky. One does not know, in the celestial palaces, what year it is this evening.

Answer: C: I could ride the wind to return there, but fear the unbearable chill high of the jade towers and their jeweled eaves. I dance with my crisp shadow in delight; could the world of mortals ever know this feeling?

8. The call of birds hemmed in by the ancient forest echoes throughout; male birds soaring softly, following the females. And there come to us the melancholy voices of the cuckoos; out on the empty mountain, under the lonely moon.

Answer: B: Such travelling is harder than scaling the blue sky. Even to hear of it drains the color from one's face.

9. Remaining red fading from flowers, apricots small and green. When the swallows are hovering, the water flows around the houses. Since blown away, willow catkins on boughs diminish; such lush grass must be found the world over!

Answer: A: The swings within the walls and the highways outside the walls; The travelers outside the walls hears the laughter of beautiful women within. Gradually the laughter's fading, no more footsteps can be heard; those with feeling are vexed by those without feeling.

10. Men have sorrow and joy; they part or meet again; the moon is bright or dim and she may wax or wane. There has been nothing perfect since the olden days.

Answer: B: We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even though we are separated by a thousand miles.

11. I try to imagine the time of Zhou Yu, when Ms. Xiao Qiao just married him; oh, how handsome and prestigious he was! But in between the feather fan and silk ribbon, through the laughter and leisurely talk, all mighty foes were swept away, dispersed like dust and smoke.

Answer: B: The old kingdoms in its spirit I journeyed; through my infatuation, that only grew me gray hair. Life is but a dream! I shall toast a libation to the river and her moon.

12. Always remember the pavilion beside the brook; drunken, it helps me remember the way home at dusk.

Answer: C: To our hearts content, we were rowing back; and yet we entered deep among the water lilies by mistake. Row the boat! Ford the river quickly! Frightened birds scatter, flying over the water.


The Imperial Concubine Rides the Horse
Answer: This is the genuine article

Drgon King Pray in front of Buddha
Answer: This is a counterfeit

Painting of Broad and Spacious Landscape
Answer: This is the genuine article

Painting of Ancient Trees and Cold Springs
Answer: This is a counterfeit

Painting of Fusheng Teaching Book of History
Answer: This is the genuine article

Numerous Arhats
Answer: This is the genuine article

Idyllic Scenery (Cold Forest and Ducks in the Dusk)
Answer: This is a counterfeit

Painting of Apes and Monkeys in the Tree
Answer: This is a counterfeit

Painting of Dragons
Answer: This is the genuine article

Painting of Imperial Concubine Praying in Front of Buddha
Answer: This is a counterfeit

Painting of Travelers amid Mountains and Streams
Answer: This is a counterfeit

Painting of Auspicious Mist on a Wild Pavilion
Answer: This is the genuine article

Edit :
    Five Hundreds Luohan :
    Answer: This is the genuine article


White Jade Cup
Answer: Fen Wine

Yellow Poplar Cup
Answer: Daughter Red

Green Cooper Wine Vessel
Answer: Sorghum Wine

Rhinoceros Horn Cup
Answer: Wine from the west
Jade Cup
Answer: Pear Flower Wine

Green Cooper Bust
Answer: Lanling Wine

Horn Cup
Answer: Ancient Spring Royal Wine

Wine Gourd
Answer: Hundred Blossom wine

Rainbow Pottery Cup
Answer: Shaoxing Number One Scholar Wine

White jade "shang"
Answer: Dukang Wine

Et voila ! à l'attaque !
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Démystifions la SI Scholar !

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